Modern Day Cutting Contest with the United Trumpet Summit at the Dakota September 11

Posted on September 10, 2013 in Upcoming Shows

The Dakota presents the United Trumpet Summit, featuring Randy Brecker, Eddie Henderson, Jeremy Pelt, and Leon Jordan, Jr., onSeptember 11th. This exciting show brings together multiple generations of trumpet stars, and promises to be a special experience.  What you can expect is an “old fashioned cutting contest” between these four trumpet stars.


What exactly is a “cutting contest?”  This type of musical contest originated in the south in the 1920’s during Scott Joplin’s time, and was characterized by competitive playing between stride piano players in which the best player was NOT cut.  At the time, being cut in this manner had financial repercussions as the cut musician was not allowed to play again, losing out on a paying gig.  In time, cutting contests were held in Harlem between different types of jazz musicians at rent parties.  Over the years, this type of contest evolved into “trading” in the jazz form in which each musician solos for their turn, attempting to outdo each other in skill, cleverness and speed or simply to communicate musically during each improvisational turn.    Jazz cutting contests are bold and engage audiences to root for favorite players.


Come to the Dakota September 11th and witness a rare cutting contest between some of the biggest names in jazz trumpet Randy Brecker, Eddie Henderson, Jeremy Pelt, and Leon Jordan, Jr.