Philosophy and Wine

Posted on September 18, 2014 in Food & Drink

It is commonly agreed upon that true art is something that takes time to develop. A deliberate attention to details, fed by a passion for the process and love for the final creation, must sometimes be paid to the art of the creation – not just the outcome.

In wine, this philosophy is demonstrated by several key elements. An understanding of the earth that nourishes the vine. The attention and commitment to more labor intensive decisions, as in the favoring of natural yeasts over the commercial to give textural depth. The instinctual choices in aging, whether it be stainless or in oak barrels – which can be chosen from specific countries and coopered with the grape for specific artistic intentions. An artisan takes a skill, hones it to a craft and adds passion to transform the ordinary into extraordinary. A wine on our bottle list that exemplifies this philosophy is Destination Cellars.

Destination Cellars . Honor . North Coast . CA . 2010 $80 Bottle

Created by Destination Cellars in honor of our U.S. Veterans.