Jeff Austin & Chris Castino

Posted on October 14, 2015 in Upcoming Shows

Friday, Oct 23, 2015

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When sweet serendipity strikes like so many things that were meant to be, you can feel & sometimes hear the magic occur. When the Big Wu met the Yonder Mountain String Band at & around the Wu’s yearly gathering Big Wu Family Reunion in 2000, the open ended cosmos of musical collaboration collided vastly in kind with new muse triggered friendships forming & fertilely growing. At that first electric confluence amongst family they truly became friends on & off stage simultaneously.

The cosmic epiphany I am describing led to the wonderful joining of Yonder’s Jeff Austin (on mandolin) & the Wu’s Chris Castino (on guitar) for an eclectic rootsy bluegrass tinged duo of singing songwriter storyteller friends. In 2004, they released “Songs from the Tin Shed” & subsequently began playing live shows. The acoustically pristine spirited record features mostly originals by Jeff & Chris along with some other gems. This made our changing & vibrant Mpls scene for one happy & proud.

Bringing this back to now, Jeff has started a family & left Yonder to set out on his own with the engaging warmly received Jeff Austin Band, who are actively touring & creating music. Chris continues to rock the stage & studio with the newly invigorated Big Wu, who remain very active not just in our community but nationally.

Sounding like an exotic nicely preserved well tuned vintage automobile, Austin – Castino rides again. Full disclosure: These sweet funny cats are friends of mine. Come take a ride.

Thankfully; Jeff & Chris are set to wildly wow us at the Dakota for 2 shows on Friday October 23, 2015 at 7pm & 9pm. Don’t miss this rare chance to catch this enormously talented thrilling duo.

~Timothy Paul Smith ::

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