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All Eyes

All Eyes is an exciting new project from local favorite Alicia Wiley, who has been recording and performing jazz-informed electric pop for nearly a decade. This new band, featuring scene veterans Jacob Hanson (guitar), Joe Christenson (bass), and Luke Anderson (drums, programming) refines Wiley’s vision with exciting and dynamic results.

Vocalist/keyboardist Alicia Wiley is well versed in standard jazz, but her music has a flavor more akin to the rock and pop music she grew up on. Her ability to find the point where pop melodies and jazz improvisation meet is getting the attention of critics and fans alike.

What Other People Have Been Saying...

“There’s a melancholy bliss to this world-weary angel..a waif whose voice resonates in those hidden places where love and pain share the same space. She is a conjurer who impishly reveals the secrets of the human heart.” -Robyne Robinson, news anchor

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