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Next Generation R&B/Soul

Anthony David is one of the preeminent songwriters in modern soul. Since his 2004 debut he has pushed the boundaries of soul music with honest, emotive songs and a silky smooth voice.

Raised in Savannah GA, Anthony made the move to Atlanta, and hit the ground running in the local music scene. He found a long time friend and music collaborator in a then unknown India Arie, and became a part of her success. Writing and producing on her first 3 albums yielded Grammy and Image award nominations, while he also toured singing backup for her. Arie pushed him to the front by her second tour, having Anthony open up for her across the country.

David’s fifth album, Love Out Loud, was released in November 2012. Anthony consistently exceeds expectations with the record, which features guest vocals from Algebra, rapper Phonte, and cousin Shawn Stockman of Boyz II Men.

What Other People Have Been Saying...

“David has firmly established himself over the years as one of the leaders of the new generation of soul singers.” -Soul Train