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António Zambujo

Celebrated Portuguese Fado

António Zambujo is one of the bright young stars leading the fado renaissance in Portugal. With a silky, plaintive tenor voice, he is breathing fresh life into this old musical style, expressing not only the sorrow and longing but also the joy in this passionate music. Zambujo has perhaps a deeper connection to the roots of fado than his contemporaries, as he grew up listening to the “Cante Alentejano,” one of the most important musical traditions in Portugal.

A conservatory-trained clarinetist, Zambujo fell in love with fado at an early age, and at age 16 won a local fado contest. Upon moving to Lisbon from his hometown of Beja, he found many outlets for his talents, including the theater. Focusing his energies on fado, he released his first record in 2002, and was named “best new fado voice” by Radio Nova FM. Zambujo began traveling internationally in 2004, and has since become an ambassador of fado to the musical world.

What Other People Have Been Saying...

“The most beautiful male voice of fado today.” – Le Figaro

“…what you listen in Zambujo is something that goes deeper. He is a young fado singer that, looking for the tradition more than his contemporaries, makes us think about João Gilberto and in everything that came to the Brazilian music because of him.”  -Caetano Veloso


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