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Black Audience

“She belted out gospel and old-time and traditional songs… Jayanthi’s great voice along with harmonies, a wicked percussion section and fine melodies, sent chills down the spine, and made the heart swell. It was indeed as Robin described, “like a hootenanny with a great lead singer.” I and many of their friends were on hand to witness the spellbinding spectacle that is Black Audience. (Cyn Collins, Life of Cyn) “Black Audience opened the attack with a salvo of boogie, blues and R&B. Jayanthi Kyle made my spine shiver with her haunting renditions of old blues and gospel numbers. -Jon Behm,

Jayanthi led her band featuring Mike Gunther on keys, Robin Kyle on guitar, Luke Kyle on bodran, Doug Anderson on banjo and bones, and a great harmony singer and harp player, with her ultra-strong, smooth vocals.

• “Wayfaring Stranger” from a recent show