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Bre Lewis


Bre Lewis is an aspiring singer songwriter who writes tunes based off of her personal experiences. Her musical interests began with playing on her grandmother’s organ, singing along with the radio, and taking on any opportunity she could to be surrounded in music. Raised in a small town in Minnesota, she moved to Minneapolis in hopes to pursue a professional career in music. You will find Bre’s music is inspired by idols such as Adele, the Hush Sound, Paramore, Ben Folds, and Sara Bareilles.

Recently, Bre has released her single “Black Widow” online. Black Widow is an eerie rock/pop song on the album, which includes heavy guitars, piano, multiple vocal harmonies, and even trumpet (yes trumpet!). This single is written about a woman who specifically enjoys tearing a young man’s heart apart (a Black Widow, metaphorically speaking).

Currently she working on her debut album, titled “Love Me.” This album will include a compilation of jazzy pop tunes, and you will find yourself dancing and singing along with her catchy lyrics. “Love Me” will also include some slow ballads, in which you can set the mood and snuggle up with your significant other.

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