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Bre Lewis


Replete with hooks, overflowing with catchy melodies, Bre Lewis’s high-energy music draws you in and doesn’t let go. With influences from modern and classic pop, rock, and jazz, their songs are relatable and intriguing. The band has become a staple of the Minneapolis music scene and have recently released their new hit single, “Casey,” in anticipation of their upcoming full-length album release.

Bre writes tunes based off of her personal experiences. Her musical interests began with playing on her grandmother’s organ, singing along with the radio, and taking on any opportunity she could to be surrounded in music. Raised in a small town in Minnesota, she moved to Minneapolis to pursue a professional career in music. Bre’s music is inspired by idols such as Adele, the Hush Sound, Paramore, Ben Folds, and Sara Bareilles.

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