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Carrie Rodriguez

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Carrie Rodriguez is one of the most acclaimed Americana singer-songwriters to emerge in recent years. From her early work at the Berklee College of Music and her acclaimed duo records with Chip Taylor to her guest work with artists like John Mayer and Jeff Bridges, Carrie is a rising star in the Americana world.

Rodriguez is renowned as a violinist, not only accompanying songwriting luminaries such as Lucinda Williams and John Prine, but also touring internationally with esteemed guitarist/composer Bill Frisell, who calls on her to play everything from surf rock to adventurous composed music to spontaneously improvisational jazz.  A native of Austin, Texas, Rodriguez is often pegged as a country singer, yet she also sings in fluent Spanish, and is currently working on an album featuring classic Ranchera songs from the Mexican songbook.

Most recently Carrie has been perfecting the art of the duo with her musical partner, Luke Jacobs, an unexpected and stimulating match for her artistic leanings. Jacobs, a multi-instrumentalist/singer-songwriter who hails from the north woods of Minnesota, adds a compelling Garrison Keillor-esque element to their live show – spinning tales that have both captivated and cracked up audiences on both sides of the pond throughout their constant touring. His cool, understated delivery is a striking contrast to Carrie’s earnest passion, and their chemistry is undeniable.

With her new release Lola, Rodriguez realizes her dream of presenting her deeply personal take on Tex-Mex music.  The fan-funded album, which features an all-star band that includes Bill Frisell, Viktor Krauss, and Raul Malo among others, pairs her ranchera-inspired original tunes sung in English and “Spanglish” alongside contemporary interpretations of songs by her favorite Mexican composers delivered in Spanish. The result is heartfelt music that evokes, in her own words, “the rich landscape of blended cultures that I call home.”  Rodriguez and Luke Jacobs, both accomplished singers and multi-instrumentalists, bring their soulful sound to one of Carrie’s favorite performance spaces.

• Carrie sings “Absence” on Austin City Limits

• Carrie and Ben Kyle on a stirring “Danny Boy”

What Other People Have Been Saying...

“Fits together like honey and smoke in a warm but vibrant Texas breeze.”— AllMusic

“…an album that combines seemingly disparate influences into one gloriously cohesive Spanglish statement…The seemingly improbable cultural mashups are a perfect expression of reality for many folks in Texas and beyond.” –  NPR

“”Fiddle” and “deadly” don’t usually appear in the same sentence together – unless you’re talking about Carrie Rodriguez. -Denver Post

“…multi-instrumentalist Carrie Rodriguez fills any room simply with her smile and lack of pretense.”

“a fiddler with contest-killing chops… she modernizes country on her own terms” -St. Louis Riverside Times

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