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Chihuahua City is assembled of five fine Twin Cities musicians: keyboardist/bassoonist DeVon Grey (Heiruspecs, Brother Ali, Chastity Brown, Liminal Phase…), guitarist Jeremy Ylviskaker (Alpha Consumer, Andrew Bird, Cloak Ox, Brother Ali…), saxophonist/clarinetist Nelson Devereaux (New Sound Underground, Adam Meckler Orchestra, Hustle Rose, Alicia Steele…), percussionist Greg Schutte (Jello Slave, Mickey Hart Band, Minneapolis Dub Trio, Sophia Shorai…) and bassist/bass clarinetist Jon Davis (Ghostband, DKO, Black Audience, Coloring Time…). With a penchant for deftly improvised, ear-pleasing orchestrations and passionate interplay, Chihuahua City has forged a compelling aesthetic rooted in virtuosity and trust.

The group’s well-known collaborators include: Mankwe Ndosi, Aby Wolf, Chastity Brown, Jake Baldwin, Michael Lewis, Andrew Thoreen, John Keston, Trent Baarspul, Anthony Cox, Casey O’Brien, JT Bates, Tim Glenn, Chris Hepola, Martin Dosh, Alex Young, Alden Ikeda, Peter Hennig, Andres Crovetti, Jef Sundquist. Each performance is a singular musical exploration not to be missed!

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