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Courageous Endeavors is the Twin Cities’ answer to the question of the relevance of jazz in the 21st century. The group brings together four of Minneapolis’s most prominent young professionals who share an interest in exploring new original music. All four members have contributed compositions that draw from a wide range of stylistic sources, but have been unified through a collective musical vision. Since the group’s inception in the fall of 2012, they have performed at several prominent jazz venues in the Twin Cities, including the Artists’ Quarter, the Icehouse, and Studio Z. In early 2014, Courageous Endeavors recorded their debut album, slated for a May release. The quartet will be embarking on a Midwest tour spanning five states in support of the album.

Courageous Endeavors is:
Nelson Devereaux-Saxophones
Joe Strachan-Rhodes/Piano
Brian Courage-Bass
Miguel Hurtado-Drums