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With the 2012 release of The Wilderness, Volume 4 of The Nomad Series, Cowboy Junkies conclude an ambitious schedule of four releases over an 18-month period. Paste said of the series, “Cowboy Junkies may never step out of the shadow of their seminal The Trinity Session recording, but there’s no reason the ambitious opus of the Nomad Series couldn’t otherwise serve as their masterwork.”

Cowboy Junkies began in Toronto in 1985. They recorded the blues-inspired debut, Whites Off Earth Now!! in 1986, after which they toured the US extensively, absorbing the music of Hank Williams, Jimmie Rodgers and others. These travels became the inspiration for the band’s second effort, The Trinity Session, a melancholic mixture of originals, covers and traditional songs.

For over 25 years, Cowboy Junkies have remained true to their unique artistic vision and to the introspective, quiet intensity that is their musical signature, creating a critically acclaimed body of original work that has endeared them to an audience unwavering in its loyalty. Aside from an alternative radio breakthrough in the mid 1990s, the family Timmons (Margo sings, Michael plays guitar, Peter plays drums) and bassist Alan Anton have established themselves the old-fashioned way- near-constant touring and recording, and doing what they do best: carefully constructed songs, subdued sounds, lovely singing.

What Other People Have Been Saying...

“It is hard to be bored by the shimmering trinity of Michael’s acoustic guitar, Jeff Bird’s mandolin and Margo’s burnished voice.” – The Guardian

“…every song has its own texture, slowly and deliberately unfolding from blues and country and drones.” –All Music

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