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Daisy Dillman Band

The Daisy Dillman Band has been lighting up stages with a blend of country, rock & roll and Americana flair for over 30 years. Founding members Steve Solmonson, Steve Seamans, Michael C Wolf and Pat Frederick combine high energy rock with great vocal harmonies reminiscent of CSNY, Poco and other “west coast” groups.

The Daisy Dillman Band holds a well deserved place in Minnesota music history. With a small handful of others, they dominated the music scene in the late 70‘s – and more than most, they went on to play in the majors with two nationally released, charting records. They have earned a place in the hearts of loyal audiences across Minnesota and the entire country.

The Daisy Dillman Band was inducted into the Minnesota Rock & Country Hall of Fame in 2006.

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