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Dave Brubeck

One of the legendary pianists of this century makes a rare club appearance!

Dave Brubeck, piano
Bobby Militello, saxophones/flute
Michael Moore, bass
Randy Jones, drums

Due to the relationship the Dakota Foundation has had with the Brubeck Institute at University of the Pacific, a portion of the proceeds for this show will be going to fund scholarships for the Dakota Foundation.

Declared a “Living Legend” by the Library of Congress, Dave Brubeck is one of the most popular musicians working in jazz and classical fields today. Recognized the world over as the man who brought odd time signatures to jazz, his experiments with time, counterpoint, and polyphony are singular innovations. Equally impressive is his sound, erudite and graceful, always intelligent without being forceful. Brubeck used his early success to act as an unofficial ambassador to the jazz world and to the U.S., taking his music to countries untouched by American music. He continues this work today, combining jazz with classical music in new and exciting ways, and continues to tour and perform. He will be celebrating his 89th birthday at the White House in December as part of the Kennedy Center Honors.

Born into a musical family, Brubeck began playing piano with lessons from his mother, a classical pianist. Piano took a back seat to cattle ranching, however. When he enlisted in the Army in 1942, he led an integrated GI band in Europe. After World War II, he studied at Mills College with influential French composer, Darius Milhaud. Milhaud encouraged Brubeck to use jazz elements in his classical compositions, helping shape the path Brubeck would take for the next seven decades. He started playing regularly with his own trio in 1949, and saxophonist Paul Desmond joined the group in 1951. Time Magazine ran a cover story on Dave in 1954 (the first jazz musician to be featured this way). In 1958 the Quartet toured Europe for the first time, visiting Poland and the Middle East, which introduced the Quartet to music from other cultures. 1959 saw the release of the Quartet’s epochal recording, Time Out, which sold over a million copies and featured two pieces (Take Five and Blue Rondo a la Turk) that can be found in jukeboxes all over the world.

As active as a classical composer as he is a jazz pianist, Brubeck’s compositions have been performed by most of the major orchestras in the United States and Europe. An early champion of his work was conductor Erich Kunzel, who premiered many of his works with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra.

The National Endowment for the Arts named Brubeck a Jazz Master in 2000, and he was inducted into the American Classical Music Hall of Fame in 2003.

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