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Dave King’s big personality and diverse musical expertise shine through in his newest creation, The Dave King Trucking Company. King began his long-lasting and career-defining relationship with the drums at the age of nine, and his musical passion has taken him around the world and back in regards to style, venue and collaboration. The Minnesota native has founded and co-founded nine musical ensembles, including Happy Apple and the Bad Plus, composed for films, fashion shows and other events, and has taken the stage with an array of musicians like Jeff Beck, Dead Prez and Atmosphere. In 2010, King’s musical diversity and experimental endeavors were honored with the “King for Two Days” festival held at the Walker Art Center. It was at this event that the Dave King Trucking Company made its debut.

The lineup of the Trucking Co. features an impressive display of modern jazz talents. King teams up once again with seasoned musician Erik Fratzke, whose musical past is just as diverse and complex as King’s. The three-time winner of Minnesota Music Award’s “Bassist of the Year” lends his guitar talents to the Trucking Co. and is an essential element in giving the band its distinguishing sound.

On upright bass is Adam Linz, a Minnesota local who has been called a jazz innovator. Linz is currently the Jazz Coordinator at the MacPhail Center for Music and directs the Dakota Combo, an elite high school jazz ensemble. Linz is best known from the group Fat Kid Wednesdays, who boast a large following in France and once had a long-standing residency at the Turf Club’s Clown Lounge in St. Paul.

Saxophonist Brandon Wozniak rounds out the group with bracing melodic ideas. Wozniak returned to the Twin Cities from New York in 2006 and has since made his mark on the local music scene with bands like the Atlantis Quartet, Monk in Motian, the Adam Meckler Quintet and Impulso. Wozniak has been praised for his expressive and emotionally stirring playing.

What Other People Have Been Saying...

“strikes a delicate balance between hypnotic lyricism and probing experimentation” – All About Jazz

“there’s lots of smart, joyous energy to be found here” – Jazz Times