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Davell Crawford

The Prince of New Orleans


Praised by many around the world, the city of New Orleans and its piano tradition has birthed more great and uniquely gifted pianists than any other place in the world. In fact, the piano tradition of The Big Easy has been deemed as “Sainthood.” This honored privilege is held highly by the many locals and music connoisseurs from around the world. Award winning musician Davell Crawford, also known as ‘The Prince of New Orleans,’ and the legendary Allen Toussaint are cut from the same cloth. Both are great pianists, composers, producers and songwriters from two different generations; both have contributed greatly to the culture, heritage and music of New Orleans, Louisiana and American Roots music as a whole.

Davell Crawford, an all-around musical sensation, is one of the true wonders of the contemporary Crescent City music scene. Performing professionally since the age of seven, Davell has enjoyed a wild widely acclaimed career as an entertainer. He emerged as a teenage piano terror and began to unfold his incredible talent before the world. He has toured the world performing to sold out audiences and has been a committed advocate for the arts. While touring and recording he’s also taught in schools, given masters classes workshops about artistry, the importance of American Roots music – traditional jazz, gospel, funk and R&B. Hailed as “The Prince of New Orleans,” he has played extensively throughout the states and has toured many countries including Spain, Italy, France, Russia, Finland, Dominica, Brazil, Morocco, and Portugal among others. Cited as one of the few musicians committed to keeping the piano sounds of New Orleans alive, he stands as one of the most versatile and most documented young piano players in America today. He has kept true to the music while adding a little freshness and vitality.

“I was raised by a great community of artists and musicians in one of the greatest cities in the world. My community steered and groomed me greatly as a child. I grew up fully aware of my gift, the role that I’d been given to preserve our culture and the importance of sharing it with the many audiences around the world that love us and our music. Allen Toussaint was very apparent at the earliest of my discoveries about the music and culture that I would one day represent. I started hanging around his studio after school at the age of 11. He never ran me away, never said stop coming around, nothing negative. He and staff at SeaSaint Studios provided a safe haven, sort of a get away for me. A place where I could practice on my own with no disturbances. I can only assume that the graciousness of Allen Toussaint helped me immensely as a child. It helped develop and shape me into the musician I am today.

Besides his legacy as one of the greatest songwriters and produces of our time he was also a family friend. Having known my grandfather, grandmother and many of my extended family members, it seems just as his music has always been present in my life his physical presence has also been consistently there in some sort of way. I owe him much.”

For two nights, Davell Crawford will return to The Dakota in Minnesota and bring forth life to his promise to Mr. Toussaint by performing a rare show featuring the music of one of the greatest pianist, composers and produces of our time, Mr. Allen Toussaint. Several songs included in the show are,”Let’s Live,” “Ruler of My Heart,” “Get Out My Life Woman,” “It’s Raining,” “Java,” and “Southern Nights,” among others.

“We must keep playing our music, Allen’s music, American Roots music to those that are familiar with it, while introducing our musics in varied ways to a new and perhaps unfamiliar audience of peoples.”

Davell Crawford



What Other People Have Been Saying...

“…next in a line of New Orleans piano whizzes.” -NPR
“Plain and simple, Davell Crawford is one of the most talented musicians alive!” -Blues Access

“Crawford’s versatility continues to serve him well.” -CD Universe

“… one of those prodigious talents that strikes like a bolt of lighting, creating one of those ‘I saw him when…’ moments that every music fan covets. Crawford lived up to his reputation from the word go… Crawford produced an infectious sound that defies category.” -The DCist

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