Music Calendar

To quote from neo soul singer, Sy Smith’s “Aquarius Rising,” the Devine Collection ranges from “hip hop to be-bop to funk to fusion, from high life to reggae to rock and roll”.

The Devine Collection was founded by Stephanie Devine (The New Congress) in 2009. It began with an invitation to Debra G (Copasetic/The New Congress) and Jessica Johnson (8 Switch Assembly) to perform with Stephanie at a solo show at Bunkers and the dynamic of the three women singing together was so stunning they decided to continue singing together, creating the Devine Collection.

It’s a heavy female fronted band along with the soulful vocals(and guitar/bass) from Jesse Larson (8 Switch Assembly/City Collective) and Chris Larson (Root City Band). The band is a multi-talented group of musicians and good friends whose main purpose is to create stellar music and have fun. The Devine Collection also includes Pat Nelson (drums) from The Root City Band and Russ King (keys) from The New Congress with occasional guest appearances from some of Minneapolis’ hottest musicians.