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Michael Hauser

Father of Flamenco in the Midwest

The son of two artists,  sculptor Alonzo Hauser, and modern dancer Nancy Hauser, Michael Hauser began his first career with a degree in forestry, and upon graduating in 1960, worked in Alaska, and then as a forester in West Africa, where for two years he spent time continuing to teach himself flamenco from phonograph recordings, as he had done throughout college. In 1963, he finally made his way up to Spain, where he studied intensively for 6 months.  Along the way, he hung out with the Beatles in Madrid, never having heard of them since he had been in the bush for the previous two years.  He even played and selected a flamenco guitar that George Harrison played in the movie, “A Hard Day’s Night.”  The Beatles then came to the U.S, and appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show, in 1964, with Michael Hauser  returning to Minnesota about the same time, introducing flamenco to the Midwest.  Since then, Hauser has performed throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe and the Far East. He has also toured with his younger brother Tony Hauser, a student of the great classical master, Andres Segovia, as part of the Michael and Tony Hauser classical/flamenco Duo.  Michael Hauser has also been guitarist for a number of touring Spanish dance companies, and was co-founder of the Minneapolis-based Zorongo Flamenco Dance Theater.  He teaches at Macalester College, and  continues to perform.


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