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Minor Planets

The Minor Planets is a collaboration between singer/songwriter Dana Thompson and singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Eric Christopher, along with a cast of supporting musicians that over the years has included pedal steel player Jimmy Johnson (Bellwether), bassists Michael Carvale (Davina and the Vagabonds), Rich Casey (The High 48s), and Rob Skoro (Mason Jennings), and drummers Ram Zimmerman (Buck-Fifty Boys) and Mick Wirtz (Martin Devaney).

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Shadow in the Water, Thompson and Christopher’s first recording together since the Minor Planets’ debut release in 2001, is an update on the classic countrypolitan sound. Lush strings, pedal steel, fiddle, mandolin, banjo and celesta frame Thompson’s aching, soulful vocals, to strike a mood that’s equal parts world-weary and otherworldly.

What Other People Have Been Saying...

“With the twined blossoms of the pure and plaintive vocals of siren Dana Thompson and the cooly intelligent, poetic murmur of songwriting partner Eric Christopher, this music flowers like a pale spring lily, nodding in the fog. A wonderful debut that hints masterfully at the great promise to come. One of the premiere new alt-country bands!” -Chan Poling, Suburbs/New Standards

“Thompson has a voice that is at once heartbreakingly fragile and startlingly robust. Every note she sings is somehow imbued with a sense that this whole damn world could collapse at any moment.” -City Pages

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Before You Know It
Shadow In The Water

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