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Missy Raines & The New Hip

“The New Hip is making some of the greatest music you will ever hear- very innovative and bursting with talent.” -San Diego Troubador

This is not your typical bluegrass show. Missy Raines has won seven International Bluegrass Music Association Bass Player of the Year awards, and is gaining the respect of musicians and fans from all circles of music. This unique blend of bluegrass, pop, jazz and more is focused on the groove rather than on the name of the style.

What Other People Have Been Saying...

“With her incredible bass playing aside, Missy’s steamy vocals are also unique for the genre. She has the voice of a jazz singer mixed with country and pop influences.”

“Missy Raines…probably tops the very short list of superstar bluegrass bassists. She is a seven-time International Bluegrass Music Association Bass Player of the Year, and is one of the few players to have developed a following for her skill on the bass fiddle. Like fellow virtuosos Chris Thile, Mark O’Connor and Alison Brown, Raines decided to allow her skills some genre-blurring freedom.” -Free Lance Star

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