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The Nexus Ensemble, founded by drummer Pete James-Johnson and pianist Ted Godbout, is a genre-bending group mashing Jazz, Hip Hop, Afro-beat and R&B with acoustic and electronic instruments. The Nexus Ensemble is collective of some of the finest musicians in the Twin Cities: trumpeter Adam Meckler, trombonist Nick Syman, conguero/percussionist Chico Harris, drummer Pete James-Johnson, pianist Ted Godbout, and bassist Steve Crowe.

Whether at a jazz, rock n’ roll, or a hip hop club, this group feels right at home. Each member of the band is extremely talented, and plays in multiple musical worlds – allowing them to bring countless different influences to the table, yet all the while sharing the same spirit of improvisation stemming from their love of Jazz. On occasion, the group also features rappers and singers including jazz/R&B singer Alicia Steele. “When we combine all of our influences together we get one unique sound that you can’t help but bob your head to…”

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