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With two feet planted firmly in the past but constantly looking forward, Ollabelle is making some of the most compelling music in the “traditional” genre. A truly democratic collective, this quintet creates fresh adaptations of gospel, bluegrass, and other old-time traditional songs while also establishing their voice with originals.

Because all five members share vocal and songwriting duties, Ollabelle gains strength from its members’ shared sense of mission, as well as their diverse musical and personal backgrounds. Although the group initially began as a casual sideline to the musicians’ individual projects, it has quickly evolved into a full-time creative entity with an unmistakable life of its own.



• a classic written by the band’s namesake, Olla Bell Reed

• a new take on a Grateful Dead tune

What Other People Have Been Saying...

“Ollabelle came together because of these musicians’ love of this music, without thought of success or career or any of the other trappings of the modern professional music business. It has great value to our culture, adding new life to a tradition that is an important part of who we are. But mostly, they sound great. They sing great and they play great, and they are wonderful people.” -T-Bone Burnett