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Otis Taylor

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“Otis Taylor is arguably the most relevant blues artist of our time.”
– Guitar Player magazine

“…a blues-based meditation on love, childhood and race comparable to Marvin Gaye’s opus ‘What’s Going On.’”
Wall Street Journal

“Sometimes pigeonholed as a bluesman, Otis Taylor can’t be defined by any single category…locking into spacious, trance-inducing grooves, haunting songs like ‘I’m Not Mysterious’ and ‘Young Girl Down the Street’ capture the magical weirdness embedded in everyday heartbreak and desire. And ‘Dagger by My Side’ should be inducted into the murder ballad hall of fame.” 8 of 10 stars

“If you haven’t hipped yourself to Otis Taylor yet, please do…Great stuff.” ***1/2

“Taylor’s creative bravado is well in evidence throughout—he’s an artist, not unlike Miles or Waits or Sun Ra—whose musical ambitions carry this work far beyond the realm of what’s been done before, into that sphere of singular vision and focus…”
American Songwriter

“Through the various permutations of his trance-blues, Otis Taylor has created a stark, spellbinding portrait of African American experience – and established himself as a true original.”
Philadelphia Inquirer

“His new blues don’t pander with cheap sonic gimmicks, slick studio tricks or boring rock riffs. Taylor proves he’s a musical alchemist as he wields acoustic guitar and banjo to accompany his gruff, emotive voice. As he proved onRecapturing the Banjo and Definition of a Circle, Taylor is a true blues innovator.”

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