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Pinot Noirs from Pali Wine Company are the featured wines for our June Wine Lunch on the 4th.   Named for the picturesque Pacific Palisades, these wines are made from appellations named for different local neighborhoods in the town of Lompoc, CA.  Pali Wine Company started by producing just Pinot Noirs, and the narrow grape selection of Pinot by Pali allowed them to refine and deeply explore each appellation’s qualities.  Pinot File, the first newsletter exclusively devoted to Pinotphiles notes that “Pali is an ambitious effort, producing at one time ten different single-vineyard Pinot Noirs from top vineyards including Inman Olivet, Keefer Ranch and Thorn Ridge Ranch in the Russian River Valley, Shea and Momtazi in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, and Fiddlestix and Turner in the Santa Rita Hills.”

Only when the Pali team encounters something “worthy of sharing” does Pali Wine Company produce a limited run of something other than Pinot Noir.  That’s a lot of pressure for a varietal!

This focused dedication from Pali Wine Company comes through.  The Pali team is small but passionate about Pinot Noir and dedicated to pursuing excellence and furthering refinement of their favorite type of wine, Pinot Noir.  Offered in artisanal small lots, these juicy, ruby red Pinots offer ripe fruit such as blueberries and plum.  Elegant cherries with a hint of spice and cola are closed with a long finish and outlined by gentle tannins.

At our Artist Wine Lunch on June 4th, 4 Pinot Noirs from Pali will be featured with tasting notes for each and they are:

Served with the reception style first course.

These three will be served side by side with the next two courses for a real tasting challenge.

For all of you budding Pinotphiles, this is a great opportunity to compare and note differences and subtleties from varietals from a very small region in Santa Barbara.  Space is limited to just 20 Phinophiles!  612-332-1010 for reservations.