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Patches and Gretchen

“She’s extremely creative, probably the most creative person I know. Her creativity bleeds into all kinds of different areas, where like the visual bleeds into the musical and poetry and stuff. I also think she’s very insightful and very tough with her approach to life. There’s this no-[b.s.] stance, like: ‘This is what it is and I’m going to acknowledge the reality of that and not pretend it’s something else.’” -sister Aimee Mann


What Other People Have Been Saying...

“a freak-out folk-punk masterpiece.” – Adam Levy

“Sugar Head Pie is stunning in its scope and beauty, continually revealing and dazzling.”

“This is a terrific record, and hopefully the varied approach – musically and lyrically – will give it a broad appeal.” -MudKiss Fanzine

“I don’t think I’m going out on a ledge by arguing that Patches and Gretchen’s ‘Sugar Head Pie’ is a freak-out folk-punk masterpiece.” -Adam Levy

“What a haunting piece of work. Amazing stirring lyrical images… who are you girl?” -Peter Himmelman

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