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Vintage Country Western meets New Orleans

Patty and The Buttons preach the gospel of hot rhythm and happy feet. The band is similar to what you would find in a dance hall, cafe or nightclub anywhere around the world between 1920-1940. Despite being an ensemble firmly rooted in tradition, the band presents their music without being shackled to history. They play their own compositions as well as takes on music of the era. Patty’s eclectic taste gives the band diverse influences including New Orleans traditional jazz, western swing, Gypsy melodies, ragtime piano blues, jug music and 1930′s popular song. The core instrumentation of accordion, clarinet, guitar and bass is light and swift, but also melancholic and lush when it needs to be. Patty, mostly known as an accordionist, doubles as the band’s vocalist. His voice is inspired most by the old time hollers and croons from the dawn of recording once described as “Tom Waits meets Rudy Vallee.” More than anything, The Buttons is a group that is always enjoying themselves… Which seems to give audiences permission to do the same.

Cactus Blossoms

Brothers Jack Torrey and Page Burkum write songs like Hank Williams, weave sweet harmonies like the Everly Brothers, and their earnest performances revive the sound of country and western’s early days.

In the summer of 2010 Jack and Page won first place in a duet contest at the MN State Fair, which led to a guest performance on A Prairie Home Companion. In the boys’ introduction, Garrison Keillor proclaimed “This is just the beginning of big things for you.” Just a month later they found themselves opening a sold out show for Marty Stuart. Maybe Keillor was right!

The Blossoms’ debut record came out in October 2011, and features fiddler Mike “Razz” Russell (Mark Olson, Creekdippers, Joe Henry), steel guitarist Randy Broughten (Gear Daddies, Trailer Trash) and bassist Liz Draper (formerly of DitchLilies).

What Other People Have Been Saying...

“It’s easy enough to phone in a cornball imitation of old country … It’s another thing entirely to live and breathe the craft of writing and singing a good country and western song as The Cactus Blossoms have done” -City Pages, Best Minnesota Albums of 2011

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