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Paul Renz

Melodic Jazz Guitar

“It’s a new quartet playing all original music crafted by Renz. Paul Renz music keeps surprising, with stylistically diverse, finely honed tunes, sometimes taut and tuneful, and sometimes open-ended and unpredictable. You name the jazz genre and PRQ is all over it, blending bebop, funk, Latin, straight ahead swing, and plenty of blues. Renz’s compositions and fretwork alike exult in unveiling intriguing melodic and rhythmic angles with insouciant charm, knocking out listeners with subtle firepower hidden in a splendid vocabulary of feints and finesse.” -Rick Mason, City Pages

What Other People Have Been Saying...

“Listening to the music, it is difficult not to be impressed by Renz’s writing… the results are quite intriguing and enjoyable.” All Music

“Renz’s music is a kick! It’s a fresh, breathing, surprising, tune-filled, character-to-spare personal amalgam of so much that’s so fine about modern mainstream jazz.” – Tom Surowicz, Star Tribune

“Renz’s playing is a tantalizing mix of creativity and craftsmanship.” – Cadence Magazine


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