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Pedro Luis Ferrer

Pedro Luis Ferrer has been active in Cuban music since 1965. In his native Cuba he is famous as a musical innovator as well as a sharp social critic and a master of the guaracha musical style. He combines the influences of dynamic Cuban sounds, including Cuban son, guaracha-style songs with his own lyrical poetry. Ferrer’s latest record Tangible (2011) sparkles with bursts of horns, Latin percussion, earthy guitar and and the tres.

Ferrer started recording in 1969, and achieved island-wide popularity in the 1970s and 1980s for his witty takes on everyday life. However, when his lyrics hit on issues like repression, food shortages, and social inequality, his music was pulled from the state-run media outlets, essentially cutting him off from the public. Ferrer resorted to giving private concerts in homes; these concerts were recorded and distributed illegally through an underground network.

Ferrer’s official releases have been few and far between.

• Pedro plays “Cuba 100%” with help from the audience

What Other People Have Been Saying...

“He’s the most sincere singer this earth has given us.” –Ernesto Sardinas, Havana Times

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