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Regina Marie Williams: Nina and More

Dynamic Theatrical Vocals

“It starts with her eyes, transparent and luminous windows to her emotions. Whether with a baleful stare, or a mask of aching grief, Williams fills a character with a fierce authenticity. Then there is her voice, which can scorch with intensity or sing like an angel. Williams is always interesting to watch, even in small roles, because she makes her presence so enjoyable. Among her signature roles have been the lead in “Dinah Was” and the tragic heroine of “Ruined.” – Star Tribune

A phenomenal actor and world-class vocalist, she consistently wows critics and leaves audiences enthralled, staying in high demand. This lady of the stage leaves cataracts of applause in her wake at such nationally renowned venues as The Guthrie Theater, Penumbra Theatre Company, Mixed Blood Theatre and The Dakota.

What Other People Have Been Saying...

“Williams has an uncanny ear for phrasing, possesses arching range and is powerful beyond reckoning. This artist, in one song, spans a fascinating gamut… stopping off at the bridge to absolutely blow your mind.” -Twin Cities Daily Planet


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