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Assembled of Chris Koza’s longtime musical collaborators Peter Sieve (guitars, vocals), Luke Anderson (drums), and Linnea Mohn (bass, vocals), Rogue Valley made its debut on April 10 2010, kicking off an ambitious year with the release of the first in a series of four albums – one for each season. Already recognized in the Twin Cities and elsewhere as a prolific songwriter, Koza has set the bar high. Four albums is more than many artists release in a career, let alone in a single year. According to Koza, “There will be four albums, and the each will be a full-sized release. I’m doing this because I have always wanted to write a novel or tell a story – something epic – both to keep me focused as an artist, but also to differentiate myself from other songwriters.”

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In 2004, Koza released his debut album, Exit Pesce. It was a homemade gem, unpolished and earnest, earning rave reviews and thrusting Koza prominently into the local Twin Cities music scene. Over the next four years, Koza and his band made three more records, each building upon the success of the last. Consistent radio play, stellar live performances, and three years of national touring all combined to get the name Chris Koza firmly planted in the minds of many. With Rogue Valley, Koza builds on his strong reputation, and aims higher.

• “Jar Flies,” from TPT’s studio

• “Onward and Over,” from a recent show

What Other People Have Been Saying...

…among the most consistently engaging and impressively dynamic acts on the local scene over the previous five years. -City Pages

“Rogue Valley has mastered the art of creating imagery through sound.” -Metro Magazine

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