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Originally from Santa Cruz, California, Sasha Dobson began singing w/ her family professionally by the age of 12. Daughter to the late great jazz pianist and singer Smith Dobson, and jazz vocalist Gail Dobson. It was they who truly gave Sasha her first break! Sasha 28, resides in Brooklyn.
Her debut album, Modern Romance, a fusion of Brazilian groove/pop/jazz/American songbook.
Jesse Harris and Richard Julian co-produced as well as contributed guitar work and songwriting.

Richard Julian is one of the music industry’s best-kept secrets. Highly regarded among peers, he is both a gifted composer and a storyteller with an honest, if ironic point of view. His songs, often confessional, and always cinematic, are likely to leave a lasting impression.
‘One of the best songwriters and record-makers I’ve heard in a very long time.’
– Randy Newman