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Great Latin jazz from a septet of international talent.

Composed of members from North America, Brazil, Africa and the Caribbean, Seven Steps to Havana truly brings the world into their music. Based in Latin jazz, this septet covers salsa, rumba, and bolero rhythms, transporting its audience to another place and time. This group features bandleader Doug Little, who has been active on the Twin Cities scene for many years with jazz groups like The Motion Poets and Latin/salsa projects like Charanga Tropical.

Viviana Pintado, keyboards

Eliezer Freitas-Santos, percussion

Mark Miller, trombone

Bill Simenson, trumpet

Yohannes Tona, bass

Mariano Flores, drums/timbales

Doug Little, saxophones/flute

What Other People Have Been Saying...

“These musicians merge their efforts to create a highly energetic, creative and joyful big band sound with only seven voices. From mambo to cha-cha, Seven Steps to Havana will take your ears from Minnesota to Cuba, proving that seven is indeed a very lucky number.” Jazz Police

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