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Stanley Clarke is one of the most talented and visible bassists in the world. From his groundbreaking work in fusion supergroup Return to Forever to his top-selling solo records, Clarke has been a pioneer in propelling the bass to the front of the stage. His “hit records,” “Lopsy Lu” and “School Days,” are standard rites of passage for young bassists, and his list of firsts is simply staggering.

Five-time Grammy award winner Victor Wooten, known for his solo recordings and tours and as a member of the Grammy-winning super group Béla Fleck & The Flecktones, has won most every major award given to a bass guitarist. He was voted Bassist of the Year by Bass Player Magazine three times and is the only person to have won the award more than once.

Continuing to grow as a person, artist, and teacher, Victor Wooten is always willing to share his gifts with all who desire to learn. Offering CDs, DVDs, lectures, workshops, and camps, as well as his groundbreaking novel The Music Lesson, Wooten is guaranteed to remain a positive force in the music industry.

• Stanley and Victor in action as SMV, with Marcus Miller

• a behind-the-scenes look at Stanley’s new band and record

• a predictably stunning “Amazing Grace” solo from Victor

What Other People Have Been Saying...

“…[Clarke’s] extraordinarily virtuosic technical skills were as amazing as ever, displayed in an on-the-spot seminar defining the almost limitless potential of contemporary bass playing.” -Don Heckman, L.A. Times

“You can’t deny Victor Wooten’s immense talent; there may not be another bassist around with his proficiency.” -Pop Matters