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Taylor Baggott

Taylor Baggott is a Minneapolis based singer-songwriter. He began writing and performing his own original music at age 15 and soon found his true voice in soul music. His coined style, “Blue Eyed Roll n Soul”, is reminiscent of the old school soul of the 60s and 70s; this new school groove stays true to Taylor’s roots, while adapting to the vibe of today’s acoustic pop music. Taylor is confidently making strides to define a unique generation of Soul artistry.

Taylor Baggott calls his sound “Roll N Soul,” and that pretty much encapsulates the wide variety of sounds and influences he’s managed to corral in the Pick Me Up EP- he’s rolling on and growing musically every time he writes a song (and he writes a LOT of songs) and managed to retain his soul-heavy original style. One listen to the title track (a sweet, sad slice of perfection written on the busted lip of a New Year’s Eve gone awry) proves he’s got the chops to make it in today’s ever-changing music business, while cuts like the wistful, banjo-driven “Be With You,” the slide-piano shuffle of “Technological Relationship,” the restrained-flame jukebox wonder of “2 Makes 1,” and it doesn’t take long to suss that the funky “Copper,” (which Baggott is quite happy to admit is the first complete song he ever wrote) all come together perfectly to reveal a young singer/songwriter who’s got the right attitude and the chops to make it in this saturated business.

On his third official solo album, Taylor found himself immersed in the disparate worlds of folks like drummer/multi-instrumentalist/singer Michael Bland (Prince, etc.,) & multi-instrementalist/singer/songwriter Ryan Liestman (Jonas Bros), as the producing team studio whiz John “Strawberry” Fields (Soul Asylum, Goo Goo Dolls, Har Mar Superstar, etc.) musician/songwriter Andrew Crowley (Fat Tuesday, The Mammy Nuns, St. Paul Saints keyboardist,) bassist Ken Chastain, and Banjo/Pedal Steel player Andy Dee, and, as they seem to do on the Minneapolis music scene, things just sort of fell into place. Atomic K boardman Karl Demer topped off this tasty pop shake at the last moment, and Baggott had the perfect line-up behind him. It didn’t hurt that Baggott’s mentor/adopted uncle Greg McFarlane, drummer of world-renowned groovers Ipso Facto, knew a lot of these folks and helped to make the appropriate introductions.

You won’t soon forget this EP, and smart musicians will take heed of Baggott’s advice to himself: “Sometimes it’s just about making people smile and I hope that’s what this record does.” An absolutely brilliant artist, with nowhere to go but up.

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