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Blue Eyed Roll n Soul

Minneapolis based singer-songwriter Taylor Robert began writing and performing his own original music at age 15 and soon found his true voice in soul music. His coined style, “Blue Eyed Roll n Soul”, is reminiscent of the old school soul of the ’60s and ’70s; this new school groove stays true to Taylor’s roots, while adapting to the vibe of today’s acoustic pop music. Taylor is confidently making strides to define a unique generation of Soul artistry.

Born Robert Taylor Baggott IV to a long line of preachers, he was destined to follow the path of ministry. Early on, he rebelled, taking on Taylor as his first name and pursuing music instead of seminary studies.  Robert joined the Minnesota Boychoir in the 6th grade, which began his love and intrigue for music. Throughout middle and high school, Taylor Robert was always singing. He spent most of his weekends singing in the church choir and playing in the church band. He pursued every musical opportunity he could. He joined the school musicals, started a high school band, played in orchestra and sang in an a cappella group that he formed.

Around the time he was 16, his mother took him to a blues show in Saint Paul, and Taylor was instantly hooked.  Thus began Robert’s entrance into something outside the music school and church were offering. He became obsessed with blues, soul and rock, and this love has influenced his musical leanings and inspirations ever since.

At the core of his new album, The Taylor Robert EP, is Robert’s self described “Roll n Soul” sound. “Roll n Soul means everything to me. It is the culmination of all the styles and all the music that I have ever learned and put together to make up my music” he proclaims. On the lead single, “Sound of Your Voice,” It’s easy to hear the Minneapolis funk and soul sound that Prince made famous on full display with Robert’s modern, acoustic twist.

Hints of country seep into the production on a couple of songs, giving a nod to the direction he nearly delved fully into. Robert professes, “I’ve always loved country and rhythm & blues music – dating back to what Elvis did. I’m not sure if I’m necessarily a ‘country’ artist or if I’m just a soul musician who loves country. Whatever it is, I am finally connecting to the music I am singing. It finally feels like me.”