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Todd Clouser

Legendary Minnesota based guitarist Dean Magraw joins Todd Clouser for a night of jazz, improvisation and new music.

“Meeting Dean, which just happened recently for me, and having the opportunity to sit with him and play for a couple hours was most of the most memorable moments in my life as a musician. His playing and character are what I got into music for. He’s such an honest musician, to have the opportunity to share the stage with him for a night at the Dakota is a gift I’ll take with me until this whole thing ends.” -Todd Clouser

A young, genre-defying guitarist, composer, and writer, Todd Clouser is an accomplished musician across the modern jazz and rock spectrum, leading a unique path to recognition as an up and coming act. Clouser has found his own voice performing with musicians from Keb Mo to “downtown” NYC jazz legend Steven Bernstein. Clouser’s impassioned performances run from piano balladry to dense jazz and groove, exciting audiences with an approach meant to bend the rules of artistic labeling. “A Love Electric” documents Todd’s most aggressive ensemble yet, an energetic quintet based in the stylings of 70’s era electric jazz.

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What Other People Have Been Saying...

“Clouser is on the road to promote a new CD, “A Love Electric,” a title that says a lot about his music — he likes to turn it up and let it rip, but whatever happens after that is wide open. No influence is excluded, and none is better than any other…….The future of jazz probably has a lot of guitar in it. The music of (Julian) Lage and Clouser promises quite a bit for that future. But in their own ways, they’re also delivering the goods right now.” – Kansas City Star , Joe Klopus, Feb 16 2011

“Clouser is probably best classified as a jazz guitarist, but when you listen to his music, the funk and rock keep you on your toes. And the beauty of it is all the songs have melodies that stick.” – Vintage Guitar Magazine – May 2011

“(A Love Electric serves) a catchy amalgam of retro soul and jazz-rock experimentalism…. a hardcore jazz element also crops up.” – Jazz Times, April 2011


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