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Trent Romens

Trent was 11 when he started playing the guitar. One day while jamming in the living room, Trent’s dad observed, “You know what you’re playing? That’s the blues!” That moment resounds vividly in Trent’s memory; it changed his life. Ever since, Trent has been listening to the blues and the music the genre has inspired.

It was obvious that the blues came naturally to Trent. His innate talent and passion has not gone unnoticed. By the age of 13, Trent was already performing with some of the Twin Cities’ greatest blues and reggae artists including Wain McFarlane, Barbara LaShore, Willie Murphy, and Jimi “Primetime” Smith.

Singing and writing his own songs for a little over a year, Trent continues to discover his own unique and powerful sound. He describes his live show as a form of therapy—for himself, and for his audience. He “rocks their souls ‘til they feel good.” His natural stage presence is spell-binding and his music has the ability to absorb the audience; they see and hear nothing but Trent and his guitar

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