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The popular adage about “living what you sing about” is an apt description of Vicky Emerson’s music. In the past five years, Emerson has called Wisconsin, Manhattan, and San Francisco home before recently relocating to Minneapolis. She has been here just long enough to record a new album, and is prepared to bring to Minneapolis stages the folky, Americana vibe that Emerson has become so well known for.

The new album, Dust & Echoes, is an exquisite, sophisticated, deeply personal collection of songs spanning a chaotic two year period which allowed Vicky to discover new depths of her strength and grit. Vicky explains, “The title of the album is a testament to where I am in my life right now. No matter what happens, we are all a product of our past and the roles we come to play are influenced by our memories and experiences.”

What Other People Have Been Saying...

“In the two years since her fantastic self-titled release, Emerson has made shift from traditional country sound to one with the grit and passion of Americana artists such as Lucinda Williams. The resulting album, “Long Ride”, is the best work of her career.” -Philly News

“…Wisconsin native Vicky Emerson’s authenticity, her honeysuckle voice and her unerring sense of melody make the exquisite “Long Ride” anything but ordinary.” -Rochester Post-Bulletin

“genuinely poetic lyrics, landing somewhere between Gillian Welch and Lucy Kaplansky” -Star Tribune

“powerful songwriting” -Pioneer Press

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