Music Calendar: Late Night

May 24, 2014

Alma Andina


Contemporary Andean Rhythms

Alma Andina, or Soul of the Andes, is a Minneapolis-based group that performs Andean and Latin American music. The group's director Vladimir Garrido hails from northern Chile, where his...

May 23, 2014

Bernie King & the Guilty Pleasures


Bernie King and the Guilty Pleasures represent an original, swinging take on roots-based Americana music. Live or on their self-titled album, the band’s brand of blues, bluegrass, and acoustic rockers...

May 17, 2014

Def Kith Featuring Martin Dosh and Jon Davis

Martin Dosh and Jon Davis

Musical brethren Jon Davis (Ghostband, James Patrick Plays…, Coloring Time) & Martin Dosh (Dosh, Andrew Bird, Cloak Ox) team up to bring you DEF KITH, a nascent...

May 16, 2014

McNasty Brass Band

McNasty Brass Band

From one end of the Mississippi to the other, McNasty is bringing Brass Band Music from New Orleans to Minnesota. Nothing brings a ready-made party like a brass band. Be it in a bar, at a private...

May 9, 2014

James Patrick Plays…


James Patrick is a 15+ year DJ, producer, curator, and educator. He is a sound artist who thrives on bringing together the creative energy and ideas of his community. Through collaboration and experimentation,...

May 3, 2014

James Loney & Lolo’s Ghost


Melodic Original Rock

James Loney has been writing music for over 30 years. From fronting House of Mirrors to his new side project Lolo's Ghost, his journey has been filled with the usual ups and downs of the music business....

May 2, 2014

Carnage The Executioner

Carnage Web

Minneapolis, MN – Twin Cities’ MC/Beat-Boxer, Carnage the Executioner, presents, Up Close & Merciful, a laid-back, intimate performance featuring himself with his live band, The Last Band Standin’. His four-piece band consists of Mike Michel (of Bill Mike Band) on guitar, Josh Holmgren (of More Than Lights) on keys & trumpet and Mark Schwandt (of White Light Riot) on drums & Ian Allison (Jeremy Messersmith) on bass.

Up Close & Merciful

Carnage is offering a very special night out at the Dakota on Friday, May 2nd at 11 PM.  This special event happening only at the Dakota will feature some of the beat box stylings Carnage is known for, but will focus strongly on the lyrical dexterity that separates Carnage from other wordsmiths. His performance this night will be a bit of a departure from Carnage’s average bar and show crowd. Carnage is known for his intense, loud and in-your-face performances, but he and his band plan on taking it down a notch with this intimate presentation at the Dakota.

Praised as one of the press and live show goer’s favorite performers, Carnage the Executioner is a musical impresario to be reckoned with. While he has made a great name as a live solo and duo performer, he is taking a step in a new direction with his new foray into live band work. Carnage puts on a performance spectacle that is rarely if ever matched in the Twin Cities highly artistic Hip Hop community. He’s the same beast all have grown to love, but those in attendance should plan on seeing a seeing a whole new, welcomed side of the Carnage on May 2.

April 26, 2014

Solflower Collective Presents: Wildflower – The Bloom with Special Guests: Solate

Solflower Web

The Solflower Collective is a Group of Talented Minneapolis Based Musicians and Performers Dedicated to the Creation and Exhibition of Futuristic R&B, Post-Neoclassical Soul, and Sonic Funk. Our Driving...

Solate is a band of young and striving musicians, consisting of Joel Mandella (guitar), Maya Vilaplana (vocals), Jonas Yela (guitar), Theresa Piela (vocals), Kate Sinnott (vocals), Dan Lee (bass),  Reid...

April 25, 2014

Hustle Rose

Hustle Rose

Soul Singer Songwriters

A soul band fronted by singer-songwriter David Glen, Hustle Rose features the talents of Christopher Smith, Brandon Commodore Jr., Ian Young, Micah Fitch, and Bret Denison, along with the Hustle Horns...

April 18, 2014

Taylor Robert single release w/ G’Beau + Young Ry & LADYBOI

tay leather demin

Blue Eyed Roll n Soul

Minneapolis based singer-songwriter Taylor Robert began writing and performing his own original music at age 15 and soon found his true voice in soul music. His coined style, “Blue Eyed Roll n Soul”,...

Music and love are fickle things. With the November 26 release of their new album, The Tears, Twin Cities-based soul singer g'Beau and his eponymous band attempt to tame both...

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