Music Calendar: Late Night

April 18, 2014

Taylor Robert single release w/ G’Beau + Young Ry & LADYBOI

tay leather demin

Blue Eyed Roll n Soul

Minneapolis based singer-songwriter Taylor Robert began writing and performing his own original music at age 15 and soon found his true voice in soul music. His coined style, “Blue Eyed Roll n Soul”,...


Neo-Soul Pop

Music and love are fickle things. With the November 26 release of their new album, The Tears, Twin Cities-based soul singer g'Beau and his eponymous band attempt to tame both...

April 25, 2014

Hustle Rose

Hustle Rose

A soul band fronted by singer-songwriter David Glen, Hustle Rose features the talents of Christopher Smith, Brandon Commodore Jr., Ian Young, Micah Fitch, and Bret Denison, along with the Hustle Horns...

May 2, 2014

Carnage The Executioner

Carnage the Executioner

Carnage The Executioner Presents:

“Up Close & Merciful”

** A laid-back, intimate performance by Carnage & The Last Band Standin’ **

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