Music Calendar: Late Night

April 25, 2014

Hustle Rose

Hustle Rose

A soul band fronted by singer-songwriter David Glen, Hustle Rose features the talents of Christopher Smith, Brandon Commodore Jr., Ian Young, Micah Fitch, and Bret Denison, along with the Hustle Horns...

May 2, 2014

Carnage The Executioner

Carnage the Executioner

Carnage The Executioner Presents:

“Up Close & Merciful”

** A laid-back, intimate performance by Carnage & The Last Band Standin’ **

May 3, 2014

James Loney & Lolo’s Ghost


Melodic Original Rock

James Loney has been writing music for over 30 years. From fronting House of Mirrors to his new side project Lolo's Ghost, his journey has been filled with the usual ups and downs of the music business....

May 9, 2014

James Patrick Plays…


James Patrick is a 15+ year DJ, producer, curator, and educator. He is a sound artist who thrives on bringing together the creative energy and ideas of his community. Through collaboration and experimentation,...

May 16, 2014

McNasty Brass Band

May 17, 2014

Def Kith Featuring Martin Dosh and Jon Davis

Martin Dosh and Jon Davis

Musical brethren Jon Davis (Ghostband, James Patrick Plays…, Coloring Time) & Martin Dosh (Dosh, Andrew Bird, Cloak Ox) team up to bring you DEF KITH, a nascent...

May 24, 2014

Alma Andina


Contemporary Andean Rhythms

Alma Andina, or Soul of the Andes, is a Minneapolis-based group that performs Andean and Latin American music. The group's director Vladimir Garrido hails from Arica in northern Chile,...

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