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Grand Mothers of Invention

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Frank Zappa alumni play Zappa

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July 13, 2013 @ 8:00 pm

BOX OFFICE 612-332-5299

Grand Mothers of Invention Media

Grand Mothers of Invention

About Grand Mothers of Invention

The Grand Mothers of Invention are the only Frank Zappa/Mothers of Invention alumni who have been consistently performing the music of the maestro since 2003. For over ten years they have performed on a very long list of classic Frank Zappa & the Mother’s of Invention’s albums, movies and other projects.

Rare are the musicians who can even play Frank Zappa’s music, let alone make it live and breathe. The Grand Mothers are able to go deeper into the material, rather than merely parroting Zappa’s notoriously tricky composed lines, as many try to do. This truly is the reincarnation of the Mothers Of Invention.


The Grand Mothers of Invention are:
Napoleon Murphy Brock (with Mothers of Invention / Frank Zappa from 1974 thru 1984), on vocals, tenor saxophone, flute, suavenicity, and dancing(!)
Don Preston (with Mothers of Invention / Frank Zappa from 1967 thru 1969, 1970, 1971, and 1974 as a Special Guest), on keyboard synthesizers, electronics, IPOD, magic tricks(!), and vocals
Christopher Garcia, drums, percussion, marimba, and vocals
Dave Johnsen, electric bass, vocals
Max Kutner, electric guitar, vocals

Facts About The Artist

  • In his early years Zappa joined a typical California bar band called the Soul Giants. Eventually he changed the name of this band to the Mothers of Invention and changed the repertoire from R&B and doo wop to the challenging, innovative avant-garde rock he became famous for. Members of the Grand Mothers invariably include some of the original Mothers of Invention, sometimes players whose history even goes back to the Soul Giants themselves.

What Other People Have Been Saying...

“Great news for Zappaphiles! Short of Frank himself coming back from beyond to bend ears and brains, this is about as close to an authentic live version of Zappa’s music as you can possibly get….. Reaction on the fan web sites has been nothing short of rapturous.” -Prague Post

“They served up vintage psychedelia – rock songs with surreal lyrics, jazz-like harmonies and melodic complexity, with flashes of wacky satire.”…”Amazing virtuoso musicians, fun and funny.” -Globe and Mail

“impeccably-performed music from the Frank Zappa canon” – Ken Shimamoto, Dallas Observer. Read the full article here

“from the moment these guys started, to the point they ended, the music production emitting from the stage, was nothing short of awesome” – Kirk Gollwitzer, Read the full article here