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Having originated as a jazz club, we consider it a badge of honor to host a variety of genres, from classic jazz, to hip hop/funk and acoustic African ensembles. We don’t plan on stopping, see for yourself in our Artists Archive; a running call list of those who have graced our stage.


Jamecia Bennett

Jamecia Bennett

Jamecia is a manager, singer, songwriter and producer who has sung background for superstars like Janet Jackson, Luther Vandross, Patti Labelle, and Lionel Richie. She is an original member of the Grammy award-winning group Sounds of Blackness, and is a featured soloist on the hit by James Grier & Co, “Don’t Give Up.” Jamecia has also performed in several Tyler Perry shows including, “I Know I’ve Been Changed,” “I Can…

James Blood Ulmer

James Blood Ulmer

Even in an art form that requires all of its practitioners to attain an individual voice, guitarist James “Blood” Ulmer stands out as a revolutionary figure. He possesses a gutsy, soulful, and ferociously gritty sound redolent of the pungent red clay of his childhood in South Carolina. Like many other guitarists, the 70-year-old Ulmer got his start in organ combos, recording his first sessions with Hank Marr and Big John…


James Buckley Trio

In this vibrant local jazz community, there are a lot of bands who are focusing on pushing the boundaries of the genre, presenting exclusively original music and incorporating electronic elements into the jazz vernacular. One could probably say bassist James Buckley has played in about half of these groups at one point or another, and the same could be said of other trio members Bryan Nichols (keyboards) and Chris Hepola…


James Carter Organ Trio

Fiery saxophonist James Carter leads drummer Leonard King and organist Gerard Gibbs in what the Boston Globe calls “a killer soul jazz outfit.” Although Carter is the front man of the trio of Detroit natives, all three talented musicians shine in the spunky, up-beat grooves that the band seems to effortlessly produce. Ever since he arrived in New York City from his native Detroit at age 21, James Carter’s awesome…


James Cotton

“The blues is all about feeling,” says Grammy Award-winning harmonica legend James “Mr. Superharp” Cotton. “If I don’t feel it, I can’t play it.” Now in his 69th year as a professional musician (starting at age nine), James Cotton not only feels it, he lives it. His overwhelmingly powerful harmonica is one of the iconic sounds of the blues. His skills are unrivaled, his story the stuff of legend. Born…


Joshua Redman’s James Farm project featuring Aaron Parks, Matt Penman & Eric Harland

James Farm is an exciting new collaborative quartet featuring four of the elite voices in jazz: saxophonist Joshua Redman, pianist Aaron Parks, bassist Matt Penman, and drummer Eric Harland. The band infuses traditional acoustic jazz quartet instrumentation with a progressive attitude and modern sound, creating music that is rhythmically and technically complex and at the same time harmonically rich, melodically satisfying, and emotionally compelling. “The vibe is distinctly urban, though…

James Galway

James Galway

Sir James Galway is the most influential flautist of our time, and is the most televised and recorded classical artist performing today. With over 30 million albums sold, Galway is a modern musical master whose virtuosity on the flute is equaled only by his limitless ambition. This summer Galway is celebrating his 70th birthday with a number of events all over the world, including his collaboration with Tiempo Libre at…

James Hunter Six at The Rivoli Ball Room, London, December 2012

James Hunter

“James Hunter is one of the best voices, and best kept secrets, in British R&B and soul. Check him out.” – Van Morrison “I was a James Hunter fan the minute I heard him sing… If you haven’t heard a real soul singer with a great band and swinging horns then get your shoes shined and get ready. Hunter is coming to town.“ -Chris Isaak James Hunter was born October 2,…


James Moody

There aren’t many of them left, the original bebop masters, and as one of those bold souls, Moody is a great treasure of American culture. Whether Moody is playing the soprano, alto, tenor, or flute, he does so with deep resonance and wit. Moody was a charter member of Dizzy Gillespie’s 1948 groundbreaking bebop orchestra, playing alongside other greats like Kenny Clark, Ray Brown, Thelonious Monk and Milt Jackson. This…

James Patrick Plays web

James Patrick

James Patrick is a 15+ year DJ, producer, curator, and educator. He is a sound artist who thrives on bringing together the creative energy and ideas of his community. Through collaboration and experimentation, he creates immersive environments that explore the evolving definitions of sound art. His record label (Timefog Recordings) and events are both supported by some of the greatest names in electronic music, and his personal recordings continue to…

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