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Having originated as a jazz club, we consider it a badge of honor to host a variety of genres, from classic jazz, to hip hop/funk and acoustic African ensembles. We don’t plan on stopping, see for yourself in our Artists Archive; a running call list of those who have graced our stage.


Red Baraat web

Red Baraat

Formed in 2008, Red Baraat is a pioneering eight-piece band from Brooklyn, New York. Conceived by Sunny Jain, the group has drawn worldwide praise for its singular sound — a merging of hard driving North Indian bhangra rhythms with elements of jazz, go-go, brass funk, and hip-hop. Created with no less a purposeful agenda than manifesting joy and unity in all people, Red Baraat’s spirit is worn brightly on its…

Red Molly

Red Molly

If one word describes Red Molly’s music, that word is joyous. From their soaring, signature harmonies to the rich, varied tones of their individual voices, Red Molly is simply a joy to listen to. Their brilliantly wrought a capella tunes are love letters to the art of the vocal blend, and their innovative instrumentation is perfectly suited for foot stomping bluegrass-tinged barnburners and perfectly crafted heart-full ballads alike. Though each…

Regina Carter

Regina Carter

Regina Carter, violin Yocouba Sissoko, kora Will Holsouser, accordion Chris Lightcap, bass Alvester Garnett,drums Acclaimed as one of the most transcendent voices of contemporary violin, MacArthur Fellow Regina Carter hones her tenacious force with a new ensemble. Consisting mainly of African folk tunes, Reverse Thread is her latest contribution to the world of contemporary jazz offering an uplifting and stirring new perspective on music from Mali, Senegal and other areas.…


Regina Marie Williams

A phenomenal actor and world-class vocalist, she consistently wows critics and leaves audiences enthralled, staying in high demand. This lady of the stage leaves cataracts of applause in her wake at such nationally renowned venues as The Guthrie Theater, Penumbra Theatre Company, Mixed Blood Theatre and The Dakota. For good measure, acclaim comes from no less a source than Angela Bassett who, in Entertainment Weekly, named Regina Marie Williams “the…

The Regulars!

The Regulars!

The Regulars! have been hailed as “a funky Twin Cities supergroup” from Minnesota by City Pages, including members of the Big Wu, Gypsyfoot, Hyentyte, MN Bluegrass Band, and Burnin’ Hyder. The Regulars bring the sensibilities of Funk, R&B, and Fusion together with original material and the power of Rock and Roll. Band members have played all over the country, and at some of the biggest festivals in the country. The…


Reina del Cid and the Cidizens

The Cidizens are led by Reina del Cid, described by Minneapolis’ Secrets of the City as “the way-more-talented-than-you girl next door.” Del Cid’s honest, unassuming stage presence is coupled with a raw energy that animates every meticulously crafted and lyrically driven song she puts forward. Hailing from Fargo, ND, the self-described “nerd rocker” moved to Minneapolis for school and used the tens of thousands of dollars she earned in academic…

The Rembrandtsjpeg

The Rembrandts with Sherrie Austin

feat. Sherrié Austin on 3/30 feat. Steve Poltz on 3/31 They were already well respected industry veterans known for writing finely crafted pop tunes, playing great guitar, and singing Everly Brothers style harmonies. And then the “song” that changed their professional life came along. And the Rembrandts became best known for the hit song ³I’ll Be There For You², chosen as the theme song from FRIENDS. It’s still heard in every…

Rene Marie Microphone

René Marie

René Marie – singer, actress, writer. Eartha Kitt – singer, actress, writer. Never before has there been a vocal recording tipping the hat to the divine Ms. Kitt and her fiery, sensual and clever interpretations of songs. With her incredible vocal range, her emotional resonance and strong independent streak, René maintains Ms. Kitt’s legacy and helps keep her spirit alive. I Wanna Be Evil (With Love to Eartha Kitt) is…

Reno Roberts 300x300

Reno Roberts

Reno Roberts is a folk/rock guitarist and vocalist based in Alabama. Reno writes songs, and he likes to think too much about things–sometimes out loud. The rest is complicated, and very silly.

Rhonda Laurie

Rhonda Laurie

Rhonda Laurie, vocals Gary Schulte, violin Reynold Philipsek, guitar Jeff Brueske, bass Vocalist Rhonda Laurie grew up in New York City, surrounded by the sounds of jazz and her several musical relatives. She is currently a very busy vocalist in the Metro area, and her voice is perfectly suited to the hot club style.  

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