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New Cuisine at Bandana Square

Posted on October 1, 1987 in

Pioneer Press The Dakota brings new luster to the food scene… Click here to view article.


Popularity of Jazz Grows

Posted on February 15, 1987 in

Star Tribune: February 15, 1987 “Jazz is more popular in the Twin Cities than ever before.” The Dakota revives a Jazz Era in the Twin Cities. Click here to view article.


Carnival in Rio…

Posted on December 7, 1986 in

Star Tribune: December 7, 1986 The Dakota celebrates Rio’s CD release, for a great night of fun, drinks, and music. Click here to view article.


It’s a Fest Fest…

Posted on October 6, 1986 in

Star Tribune: October 6, 1986 Brazilian born pianist Manfredo Fest wows the crowd, bringing Latin rhythms and music to the Dakota. Click here to view article.

Opening night

Dakota Opens in St. Paul – 1985

Posted on October 7, 1985 in

Citypages: October 7, 1985 “Just some of the titillating crowd that heard about the free food and wine and the Dakota opening.” There were only smiles, food, and drinks on the night of October 7, 1985… Click here to view article.