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Playing On Borrowed Time

Posted on August 19, 2005 in

Star Tribune: August 19, 2005 Irv Williams is doing what he does best, playing jazz at the Dakota. Click here to view article.

Giving It Up For Jazz

Posted on May 1, 2005 in

Louisville:  May 1, 2005 Imitation is the greatest form of flattery…Click here to view article.

Counter Intelligence

Posted on April 13, 2005 in

Star Tribune:  April 13, 2005 Chef Goff leaves the Dakota…Click here to view article.

Jazzing Up Dishes

Posted on January 12, 2005 in

Boston Globe:  January 12, 2005 Minnesota style…Click here to view article.

A Versatile Pleasure

Posted on October 27, 2004 in

Star Tribune: October 27, 2004 Ann Callaway “swings easily from cabaret to jazz to R&B”…Click here to view article.

Monheit Delivers

Posted on October 12, 2004 in

Star Tribune: October 12, 2004 Jane Monheit definitely delivers, as she performs live at the Dakota. Click here to view article.

Eclectic Jazz, Upscale Dining

Posted on January 16, 2004 in

St. Cloud Times:  January 16, 2004 Cool jazz and midwestern cuisine at the Dakota…Click here to view article.