Carmen Lundy is one of the finest jazz singers performing today, and is highly regarded for her innovative musicianship and songwriting. She has penned more than sixty compositions to date, especially rare for a vocalist. A captivating live performer, Carmen Lundy’s concerts are an exhibition of virtuosity, raw heartfelt emotion, and playfulness – a jazz singer at her very best.

  • Revered by critics and musicians for her innovative musicianship and songwriting spanning jazz, blues, soul, samba and pop.
  • “…bounding from husky low notes to imploring pitches up in the stratosphere of her instrument. This was an operatic performance of outsized dimensions …she knows how to pace a show, where to ratchet up the intensity, and when it’s time to let everything settle back to earth.” –Chicago Tribune

"Musicians as diversely gifted as Carmen Lundy, who has excelled as a vocalist, composer, lyricist, arranger, guitarist and keyboardist for more than three decades, remain few and far between. There was Ray Charles, and there is Joni Mitchell, but very few others."
– JazzTimes

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