“futuristic funk, pop and R&B” – Nashville Scene


For over four decades, people have recognized the Wooten Brothers as some of the most innovative musicians in existence. Further, they enjoy wide acknowledgment as one of the most talented and dynamic band of brothers the world has ever known. Thus, the brothers have always served as a musical tour-de-force, redefining the limits of jazz, funk, soul, R&B, rock and bluegrass. This tour will mark the brothers’ first time playing together since the untimely death of their saxophone-playing brother Rudy.

Victor Wooten, a five-time Grammy Award-winning artist, has made five appearances on the cover of Bass Player Magazine. He co-founded the eclectic group Bela Fleck and the Flecktones. Furthermore, people recognize him as one of the greatest living bassists today, often drawing comparisons to Jaco Pastorius. Rolling Stone named Victor one of the top ten bassists of all time.

Joseph Wooten boasts a dizzying list of talents that impress even the Wooten clan’s high standards. Since 1993, he has served as the Steve Miller Band’s keyboardist and works as a composer and motivational speaker. Moreover, he has collaborated with the likes of Whitney Houston and Kenny G.

Roy “Futureman” Wooten, another five-time Grammy Award winner, has carved out a name for himself with his masterful drumming and percussion skills. He co-founded the acclaimed Bela Fleck and the Flecktones. Known mostly for his surreal choice of instruments: his trademark inventions “The Drumitar” and “RoyEl” keyboard, he also excels as a seasoned drumset player.

Regi Wooten’s signature guitar style of chording, slapping, tapping and frenzied strumming has brought him worldwide notoriety. Moreover, his dazzling technique has drawn comparisons to Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa and Chuck Berry. In recent years, Regi has performed with many artists, including the legendary Ginger Baker.

Victor, bass guitar/vocals
Joseph, keyboards/vocals
Roy, percussion/vocals
Regi, guitars/vocals

Recommended for Fans of Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller, Jaco Pastorius and Les Claypool.

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