The Subdudes

The flavor savory New Orleans steeped Subdudes first initiated their earthy rootsy profound sound in 1987 brought together by friendship & shared musical interests & resulting aspirations. The Dudes burst forth on the scene with racy voracious pleasure & spellbinding splendor. After all, this is the New Orleans music scene that is the envy of the civilized world. Within the all encompassing cultural diversity of what I call the planet of New Orleans, these imaginative cats have found & set forth their own vivid sound establishing a soulful style all their own.

Their deeply dreamy sound resonates sky lit natural beauty & transformative organically grown musicality. The Subdudes, like many great things, originated in a very real storybook way. They have a wonderful story behind them. It started perhaps as a one time only gig at Tipitina’s in uptown New Orleans when a handful of like minded fellow musician friends gathered to make original American music together sharing & enhancing each other. That night was such a resounding success that the participants all agreed that they must go on forward as a band & that was how the Subdudes came to be.

The Subdudes have formulated a super hybrid of genres over the past few decades masterfully melting together the likes of Americana, gospel, R&B, soul, funk, rock, folk, Cajun, zydeco, roots & then some. Wondrously; they have stayed true to playing from the heart & soul along the way of their meandering thrill ride of a career. It’s crystal clear from hearing to & seeing the Subdudes that they are always meticulously listening to each other & creating each moment together as one.

After a far too long absence of 6 years, let’s be sure to warmly welcome the Dudes back to our amazing music centric town & more specifically the cozy vibrant Dakota. These hugely anticipated shows hit at 7pm & 9pm on Tue. November 10, 2015. Music makes for bonding celebration. Please join us.

~Timothy Paul Smith ::
Dakota Jazz Club: Box Office 612-332-5299

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