Something a Little Glamorous & Something Made From Scratch….

“Yes, I’m going there.  We all miss Prince, and something about the Dakota makes us feel close to him.  The Dakota raspberry shrub with cava, our version of the champagne cocktail, features something a little glamorous and something made from scratch right here at our club.”  – Christa Robinson, Dakota Bar Manager and Mixologist
Shrub cocktails and mocktails have made their way onto every well-curated drink menu across the country, and for good reason.  The art of using what is essentially a fruit vinegar to create a delicate balance of flavors is an ambitious undertaking that yields delicious results.  It adds a special touch to cocktails, and it offers a non-sweet option for those looking to imbibe sans alcohol.  The shrub is versatile, seasonal and fun!
Our bar manager and mixologist extraordinaire, Christa Robinson, utilizes this playful ingredient to offer a personalized touch to our spirited creations.  Each cocktail is creatively devised and thoughtfully crafted to pair the love of music with the passion for dining and imbibing.  The Raspberry Beret Bellini takes the classic champagne cocktail, brightens it with locally sourced raspberries made into a shrub, and caps it all off with a lime twist.  This summer cocktail is meant to tickle the tongue, inspire the imagination, and conjure up memories of swinging on the front porch, sipping on something sweet, gently humming Raspberry Beret.



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