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Former Prince guitarist Donna Grantis celebrates new jazz-rock album at the Dakota

By  Star Tribune

“With his giant headphones on, an inflated purple guitar in his hands, 2-year-old Koen was all set to witness his mom in concert for the first time. Resting in Dad’s arms, Koen, his eyes growing wide, watched Donna Grantisblast shards of guitar sounds at Paisley Park the other day. This wasn’t quite like the videos of Mom in concert that Koen had seen over and over. This was live and large and LOUD. And he had a review afterward as Grantis embraced him. ‘Mo’ tabla,’ he suggested, referring to one of the instruments in Grantis’ band. Koen and other music lovers can hear more tabla when Grantis celebrates the release of her new album, “Diamonds & Dynamite,” Thursday at the Dakota. The Dakota is more intimate than the spacious Paisley soundstage, all the better to appreciate the subtleties of the tabla…”

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Donna Grantis brings ‘Diamonds & Dynamite’ to The Current studio

“Three years after playing guitar with 3RDEYEGIRL and Prince, [Donna] Grantis has released her debut solo album, DIAMONDS & DYNAMITE.” To celebrate, The Current invited her to perform an in-studio session on Friday, March 22, 2019.

For her afternoon session at The Current, Grantis and crew brought their own lighting; they darkened the room, covered the windows, and flipped on blue LED bars… [Grantis] later revealing that it was Prince who inspired her to reach beyond music and find ways to get creative with performance.

Grantis mentioned, ‘I’m really glad to be here now, and I’m really glad to be playing with these amazing fellows.'”

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See her album release performance of DIAMONDS & DYNAMITE at the Dakota on Thursday, March 28, 2019 at 7 & 9:30pm.

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